1,The Fuel tanke Semi-trailer mainly consists of a chassis assembly, a tank assembly, a fluidization device assembly, a power system assembly, a pipe system assembly, a suspension system assembly, a support device assembly, a fence assembly, a protective net, Fender and other components. ,

2,According to the media, configuration and different places called different, there are many different titles, such as: tank truck, tank truck, oil truck, fuel truck, oil truck, mobile fuel truck, tax control refueling Cars, computer fuel trucks, etc.

3,The inside of the tank body is provided with a partition plate, the top of the tank is provided with a guard plate and a platform, and the manhole, the observation hole and the vent valve are provided at the same time, and the bottom of the oil tank is provided with a sedimentation tank.

4, The Fuel tanke Semi-trailer can effectively improve transportation efficiency. In the case of the same tonnage, reduce transportation costs and save fuel consumption. Used to transport petroleum, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etc.

fuel tanker trailer truck details

1,The body of tank is made of 4mm or 5mm high-quality carbon steel sheet, which is manufactured according to the national tanker production standard and butt welding process. The shape is divided into elliptical cans or square cans.

2,There are multiple anti-wave separators in the tank. The high-pressure gas leak detection is used to make the tank have high strength, stable center of gravity, and safe and stable vehicle transportation.

3,All kinds of alcohol, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and salt liquid chemical tankers are made of imported stainless steel (thickness of 4mm-5mm) or plastic tank (polypropylene) (thickness of 12mm-22mm).

4,The axle is adopts China's top brand Fuwa or German brand BPW. Durable and long lasting.

basic information overall dimensions 12000 X 2500 X 3700mm                                                                                                                     Alternative option
Chassis parameters Axle brand FUWA) BPW
Axle number 3PCS
Axle load 13T
Wheel material steel 
Tire brand triangle linglong、zhengxin、chaoyang
Tire specification 12R22.5 20PR
Suspension Mechanical suspension 
tank specification Tank material  aluminium alloy carbon steel、stainless steel
Head of material 5083/6.0mm
Shell of material 5083/5.0mm
Anti-wave plate 5083/4.0mm
Tank shape Circular Ellipse/Squoval
Tank effective volume 45000L
The number of compartment 1
Manhole cover 1
Botom valve with 1 (4 inches aluminum alloy)
Safety valve with 1 
Emergency shut(off) valve  1
accessory accessories Traction pin 90# 50#
Outrigger 28T(steel legs)linkage aluminium alloy single
Toolbox  1
Spare tire rack  1
ABS   1
Delivery hose 2 (3 inch rubber hose, with the pipe box)
Fire extinguisher 2 (8kg dry powder fire extinguisher)
Ladder 1(steel) aluminium alloy 
Tank top walkway 1 (on tank top anti-sliding walkway) 
Control box 1
Toolbox 1
Spare tire rack 1
Lighting 1
Reflective logo 3M
Safety Accessories An anti-static drag strip, An antistatic reel, A Flammable liquids signs


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