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Brief Introduction

Dump truck is a vehicle that can automatically unload by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. It is composed of chassis, hydraulic lifting device, box and power take off device. It often works with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery, which constitute a loading-transporting-dumping production line. The dump truck plays the role of carrying and transporting for earthwork, sand stone, bulk materials etc.  

How to Choose Dump Truck

1- Used for mining: Engine choose 290hp~420hp according to your requirements. To choose a short wheel base to improve the strength of the frame and vehicle trafficability. For gearbox, 9 speed transmission with bigger input torque. For drive axle, mine use drive axle is required with double reduction, differential lock and inter differential. For tire, we recommend to choose radial tire like 12.00R20. The dumping body can be made to mine use. For carrying big stones, the back door of the dumping body can be removed. The thickness of steel can be made to bottom 14mm, side and back 10mm to meet the requirement in mine. About tipping system, you can choose middle tipping or front tipping. Usually front tipping with HYVA tipping system is considered to be stong and stable in use. Usually the length of the dumping body is 4800mm to 5600mm.
2- Used for city building: These trucks are usually traveling in city road with traveling distance less than 200km. So we recommend you to choose engine power with 336hp or 380hp or so. 6x4 drive type or 8x4 drive type according to the loading weight. For gearbox, 10 speed or 12 speed is better. Double reduction axle, ratio is from 4.42 to 5.73. Better choose radial tire. Usually the length of the dumping body for 6*4 is 5600mm to 6000mm. And for 8x4 it is from 6200mm to 8500mm.
3- Used for transportation distance more than 200km: The drive axle can choose ratio 4.42 or 4.8 and better use 8x4 to carry more each time to save time. Gearbox can choose 12 speeds. Tubeless tire is also good for these trucks. Body length is from 6200mm to 8500mm, front tipping.
How to choose tipping system?

Bucket capacity: 15CBM-18CBM   Middle/front tipping system
Bucket capacity: 20CBM-25CBM   Front tipping system
Bucket capacity: Over 25CBM      Front tipping system with HYVA tipping system

1. Strong Power

Dump truck is always used to transport earthwork, sand, stones, coal, ore etc., while it can drive in construction sites, mining areas, mountains and other special areas. Heavy load coupled with special road condition demand for strong Power

2. Excellent bearing capability

In order to load better and drive smoothly, dump truck has a high requirement for bearing system. In order to strengthen bearing capability, the frame of the truck as the main bearer is equipped with excellent strength.

3. Great adaptability

Adaptability requires vehicles with appropriate approach angle, departure angle, minimum ground clearance, longitudinal and transverse through the radius. In dusty environment, it requires the truck air intake system equipped with exhaust ejector function, which can prolong the service life of air filtration device, avoiding abrasion of engine components and strengthening the protection of the vehicle.

Main Technical Parameters
Product Brand
SDRC Notice
Product Name
DFZ3030LZ4D Dump Truck
Product No.
Gross weight(Kg)
Drum Volume(m3)
Rated Load weight(Kg)
Overall Dimension(mm)
Curb Weight(Kg)
Dimension of Container (mm)
Cab Passenger
Carrying Utilization Ratio
Approach/Departure Angle(°)
Front/Rear Suspension(mm)
No. of Axles
Wheel base(mm)
Axle Load Weight(Kg)
Max Speed(Km/h)
Cab installed according chassis. This Dump Truck is rear dischargin, Container sideboard structure,Environmental protection cover available. The material of rear protective device and side protective device is Q235, connected with bolt. Rear protection section dimension (length x width) is 120×50mm, height 510mm. Truck Length/container length/wheel base/rear suspension(mm) is as following: 5900/3600/3200/1520,5995/3800/1180/3400/1415,5995/4200/1180/3600/1215.
Chassis Technical Parameters
Chassis Model
Chassis Name
Chassis of self-dumping (two kinds)
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd
Overall Dimension(mm)
No.of Tyres
Approach / departure angle (°)
Tyre specifications
6.50-16 6PR
No. of Leaf Springs
Front wheel base(mm)
Fuel Type
Rear wheel base(mm)
Emission Standard
GB3847-2005,GB18352.3-2005 Euro IV


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