CHTC 5 Ton Light Dump Truck

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1. The appearance is high-end, atmospheric, and unconventional, and the overall structure is reasonable;
2. The body turning operation is simple and the safety performance is high;
3. The layout of the exhaust system is reasonable, and all emissions meet the national five emission standards;
4. The bumper is switched to plastic material, which reduces the weight of the whole vehicle and reduces fuel consumption.
5, beautiful and comfortable, luxurious configuration, with ABS and ASR, central locking, navigation and reversing images, all equipped with LED daytime running lights;
6, the car wiring harness is the main body of the car's internal circuit, if the car is like a human, then the wire harness is the nerve and blood vessels, is the basic part of the car. The current form of automotive wiring harness is basically the same, consisting of wires, connectors and wrapping tape. It must ensure the transmission of current signals, as well as the reliability of the connected circuit, and supply the specified current to the electrical and electronic components. The value is to prevent electromagnetic interference to the surrounding circuits and to eliminate short circuits of the electrical appliances. The wire used in Kema's automobile wiring harness uses the Japanese standard AVSS automobile standard wire. The connector uses DELPHI, Bosch and other brands. According to the national QC/T29106 (automotive low-voltage wire harness technical conditions), the connection is reliable, and all products are strictly ISO and TS16949 quality system design, production and inspection can guarantee the continuous, safe and stable work of Kama Motor under different working conditions.
7, beautiful and comfortable, wide view, spacious. Double-layer sealing technology provides low room noise. The steering wheel can be adjusted up and down four directions, and the steering is light. It is equipped with air conditioning, electric windows and doors, and high fidelity MP3. The vehicle cab has a good collision stream function to effectively protect the safety of drivers and passengers;
8. The power output is stable, the structure is simple, the maintenance is economical, easy, the vibration is small, the noise is low, the engine manufacturing process, the technology is mature, and the fault is small. Large torque, sufficient power, long engine life, less failure, fuel-saving, safe (not self-igniting) low exhaust temperature, long life of the supercharger, long life of exhaust pipe muffler, long-term high-speed climbing power will not fail ;
9. The whole vehicle is equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system, and adopts well-known domestic supplier systems such as Yihe Axle Bridge, Shuguang Back Bridge and Ruili Group to assemble vacuum radial tires with high carrying capacity and convenient maintenance;
10. The whole series adopts hydraulic power steering, which is light and comfortable to operate, and the system is economical and reliable. The adjustable steering wheel is adopted to adapt to the driving height of different heights and different driving habits, so as to achieve the purpose of comfortable operation of the steering wheel;
11. The self-unloading model adopts pneumatic high and low gears and pneumatic power take-offs. The operation is simple and quick. The air bag adopts four-circuit protection system, and the air pressure of each gas path is more stable and reliable;
12. The rear box plate of the cargo box is in the form of a door in the door, the outer frame is made of 10# channel steel, the rib is made of 160*80 curved plate; the middle part of the side box plate is 160*80 curved plate, and the middle rib of the back box plate is 160*50 curved plate. Moreover, the cargo box is opened on the side to prevent the cargo from unloading and bumping the box when the cargo is unloaded.
13, single top, double top can be optional.

Beautiful and comfortable:
Beautiful appearance: new streamlined shape, using the latest LED headlights, designed according to aerodynamic principle, small drag coefficient, low fuel consumption.
Comfortable driving: ultra-wide and high-top cab with wide view; multi-function instrument panel with standard sunroof, the seat follows the humanized design, giving you a car-like driving experience.

Super bearer:
Low-disc advantage: high-strength riveted double-beam frame, main and auxiliary integrated gradient steel leaf spring, the channel steel longitudinal beam is strong and reliable, and the goods are not deformed to meet the needs of different purposes.

Security upgrade:
The body is sheet metal, and the key parts are reinforced with high-strength steel plates, which greatly improves the active safety and maximizes the safety of drivers and passengers.

KAMA GM6 Series Light Dump Truck

Model KMC3080P3
Emission E-II
Suggested payload 5T
Cabin One and half cabin (1900)
Wheel Base(mm) 3400
Overall dimensions(mm) 5995*2160*2590
Cargo Box Size(mm) 3710*1990*790
Curb Weight (Kg) 4030
Load Weight(Kg) 5000
G.V.W 9030
Tyre model 8.25R16
QTY of wheels 6+1
Max.Speed(Km/h) 85
Brake system Air brake
Parking brake Dual circuit compressed air brake
Clutch model Single plate,Dry type
Gearshift 5+1speed,manually
Thickness of side/bottom plate(mm) 3/5
Power steering
MP3&radio player
Power window
Central lock O
Engin Model 4102ZLQ
Displacement(cc) 3857
Power(KW)/Rpm 81/2900
Torque(N.m)/Rpm 310/1600


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