CHTC 3 Ton Light Dump Truck

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1. The fuel tank adopts a molded plastic fuel tank, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, reduces its own weight and is more beautiful.
2, the cab is changed to 2016 new cab, with novel style, wide field of vision, wide vision of rearview mirror, maximum avoidance of line of sight dead angle, innovative design of instrument panel, complete function, adjustable front and rear steering wheel, suitable for all types of people, The car can be equipped with air conditioning, advanced seat design, ergonomics, increased occupant comfort, thick carpet, good fit, highlighting the high-end atmosphere.
3, crystal headlights with lens, concentrated light, high brightness, the whole system is equipped with LED daytime running lights.
4. The layout of the exhaust system is reasonable, and all emissions meet the national five emission standards.
5. The power output is stable, the structure is simple, the maintenance is economical, easy, the vibration is small, the noise is low, the engine manufacturing process, the technology is mature, and the fault is small. Large torque, sufficient power, long engine life, less failure, fuel-saving, safe (not self-igniting) low exhaust temperature, long life of the supercharger, long life of exhaust pipe muffler, long-term high-speed climbing power will not fail ;
6. The whole vehicle is equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system, and adopts well-known domestic supplier systems such as Yihe Axle, Shuguang Houqiao and Ruili Group to assemble vacuum radial tires with high carrying capacity and convenient maintenance;
7, the direction of the machine is equipped with hydraulic power steering, the power line is equipped with high-pressure hose + steel pipe, the steering is more labor-saving, the direction is more reasonable, the quality is better;
8. The appearance of the cargo compartment is beautiful. The edge of the cargo compartment is made of high-quality steel. It has high strength, impact resistance and stable quality under heavy load. The bottom plate of the cargo compartment is made of skid plate for loading cargo and preventing deformation of the bottom plate under overload conditions. The painting of the container is firstly electrophoresed and then painted to protect against rust and scratches, so that the practicality and durability of the cargo compartment are improved.
9, 1680 cab engineering self-unloading due to the high limit in the southern region, the required vehicle height is not higher than 2200mm, the frame and leaf spring are now rationally optimized, adding a chassis. Suitable for users in different regions to choose and order.
10. The hydraulic cylinder block is changed to the offset seat, so that the oil cylinder is away from the transmission shaft to prevent the cylinder from colliding with the transmission shaft. The hydraulic oil pipe is installed from the middle of the cylinder beam to prevent the oil pipe from touching the transmission shaft.
11. The cargo box is opened at the side to open the door to prevent the cargo from unloading and bumping the box.
12, single top, double top can be optional.

Beautiful and comfortable:
Beautiful appearance: new streamlined shape, using the latest LED headlights, designed according to aerodynamic principle, small drag coefficient, low fuel consumption.
Comfortable driving: ultra-wide and high-top cab with wide view; multi-function instrument panel with standard sunroof, the seat follows the humanized design, giving you a car-like driving experience.

Super bearer:
Low-disc advantage: high-strength riveted double-beam frame, main and auxiliary integrated gradient steel leaf spring, the channel steel longitudinal beam is strong and reliable, and the goods are not deformed to meet the needs of different purposes.

Security upgrade:
The body is sheet metal, and the key parts are reinforced with high-strength steel plates, which greatly improves the active safety and maximizes the safety of drivers and passengers.

Basic Information
Drive model: 4X2
Wheelbase: 3200mm Truck Length: 5.08 M
Truck Width 1.80 M Truck Height 2.23 M
Track: Front track:1395mm;rear track:1340mm
Total weight: 7.06 Ton Rate weight: 1.995 Ton
G.V.W. 4.00 Ton Approach angle: 25°
Engine Model: FAW 4DW91-63 Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel type: DIESEL Displacement: 2.54L
Emission Standards: Euro Ⅱ Maximum horsepower: 62.5hp
Maximum output power: 45.95kW Torque: 215 N·m
Maximum torque speed: 1700-2300rpm Rated speed: 3200rpm
Cargo parameters
Cargo Length: 2.88 M Cargo Width: 1.72 M
Cargo Height: 0.39M Cargo form: Tipper
Gearbox 5 Forward gear: 5


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