The Powder Material Tank Semi-trailer is a special vehicle for transporting and air pressure discharging of fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, particles of alkali and other particles with diameter no more than 0.1 mm. When the vertical height of discharge reaches 15 meters, horizontal transmission distance up to 5 m is also available.
It is mainly used for cement plants, cement warehouses, large-scale construction sites, concrete mixing plants, chemical companies, grain reserve centers, large-scale thermal power plants, and individual users.
The Powder Material Tank Semi-trailer mainly consists of frame assembly, tank assembly, fluidized device assembly, power system assembly, pipeline system assembly, suspension system assembly, supporting device assembly and so on.
Chassis Assembly:
Frame is the space frame type and low-alloy welding structure, and it is welded by two T-shaped longitudinal beams to support the load.Made of low alloy steel Q345 or 16Mn material. Fully automatic tracking of submerged arc welding machine welding, reasonable structural characteristics, overall strength, degree of balance, strong bearing capacity, no permanent deformation occurs.
Tank Assembly:
a.Tank Body: The tank body is V-shaped, thickness is 4mm, with single, double and three silos inside. It consists of silo body, head, reinforcing rib and internal accessories.
b.Tank Material: Q345t4; Q235t5.
c.Tank Volume: 30m3; 35m3; 40m3; 45m3; 50m3; 55m3; 60m3; 65m3; 70m3.
d.Head: Ellipsoid head type; Butterfly head type.
e.Manhole Cover: The manhole cover is a switching device connected inside and outside the tank body, which is mainly used as a feeding port and an overhaul opening.At present, there are two main types of manhole covers for powder tank trucks, i.e. inner buckled manhole covers and A type external pressure manhole covers. The inner buckled manhole covers are easy to operate and the A type external pressure manhole covers are safe and reliable.
Fluidized Device Assembly:
The fluidized bed is in the form of breathable bag, also known as cloth bag fluidized bed.
Powder Material Transport Semi-trailer_1
Power System Assembly
The power system is a device that provides power for the powder tank semi-trailer. Its main function is to provide compressed gas for the unloading of the whole vehicle.
Power system can be divided into diesel engine power system,Power system of power takeoff, motor power system and dual power system according to its structure. Among them, air compressor specifications are 10/2 and 12/2. The main brands are Tianhong, Fuda and Suzhou.
a.Diesel Engine Power System: mainly composed of diesel engine, air compressor, battery, fuel tank and so on. It is a power form of air compressor driven by diesel engine, in which the standard diesel engine is Weichai 4102.
b.Power System of Power Takeoff: It is mainly composed of power takeoff, air compressor, one-axis assembly, transmission shaft, etc. It is a power system that drives power takeoff through gearbox, and then drives air compressor by transmission shaft and one-axis.This structure needs to install the air compressor on the tractor, and does not need to install the diesel engine.
c.Motor Power System: mainly composed of motor, air compressor, electronic control box, cable and so on. It is a power form of air compressor driven by motor, in which the standard power of motor is 45 KW.

d.Double-Power System: mainly composed of diesel engine, motor, air compressor, battery, fuel tank, electronic control box, one-axis, transmission shaft, etc., is a power form of air compressor driven by diesel engine or motor, in which the standard diesel engine is Weichai 4102, and the standard power of motor is 45 KW.   

Powder Material Transport Semi-trailer_2
Pipeline System Assembly:
Pipeline system includes intake and discharge pipes
a. Intake Pipes: The main function of the intake pipeline is to provide a conduit for the delivery of compressed gas, and to transport the high-pressure gas generated by the gas source to the tank body.
Intake pipe specifications: main pipe specifications are 2.5”, sub-pipe specifications are 2”.
b. Discharge Pipes: The main function of the discharge pipeline is to provide a channel for the medium in the tank, and to transport the medium inside the tank from the tank to the outside of the tank.
Discharge pipe specifications: when the tank is single bin, the discharging pipe specifications are 5 "; when the tank is double or three bin, the discharging pipe specifications are 4".
Suspension System Assembly:
The suspension device is a rigid suspension with independent steel plate stamping, which is composed of series leaf spring and suspension support. It is used to support load and reduce the impact of dynamic load of vehicle
Powder Material Transport Semi-trailer_3
Supporting Device Assembly:
The support device is used to support the front load of the semi-trailer.
a.Classification: single action, linkage, 8t, 28T

b.Brand: Fuwa, Jost, etc.

Powder Material Transport Semi-trailer_4
Traction Pin:
Traction pin is an important part of semi-trailer connecting with tractor, bearing traction force and connecting with traction seat. Chromium alloy steel is usually forged.
According to the diameter, the traction pin can be divided into 50 and 90.

According to the assembly method, the traction pin can be divided into welding type and assembly type.

Powder Material Transport Semi-trailer_5
3 axles,13 tons of loading capacity
12 tires plus 1 spare tire, Specification: 12R22.5
Water Tank:
Water tank is the main choice of powder tank truck. Mainly used for irrigation, convenient for drivers to use.At present, the water tank of powder tank truck has hidden water tank and ordinary water tank, which can be made into pneumatic type for easy spraying. Among them, the diameter of ordinary tank is 400 m, the length is 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m, which is the main choice.

Fender Assembly

The fender is mainly used to protect tires and prevent them from throwing mud.

The powder tank truck fender is punched circular arc fender with beautiful appearance and firm structure.
Trailer clean before painting and repair with paste for smooth face. Then prime paint and double last paint regarding customer request in Paint Oven.
Electrical System:
a.Air path:The device used for normal driving and emergency braking. It is composed of gas fittings, gas filling pipelines, operating pipelines, emergency relay valves, air reservoirs, and brake chambers.
b.Circuit:Plays the role of lighting and transmission signals. It is connected to the tractor by a seven-pin plug. The circuit is generally hidden and arranged in the frame.
Other Accessories:
Discharge hose: It is mainly used to connect the discharging pipe of tank body with the outlet joint of discharging port. The factory standard is 4 "O type steam hose, the length is 7m.
Discharge pipe joint: mainly used for docking with discharge outlet joint
Brakes and operating devices: The semi-trailer is equipped with dual pipe inflatable braking system and anti lock braking system(ABS).
Control panel (check valve, air meter, ramp lever)
Standby tyre bracket.
Air pressure monomer.
Safety valve, adjust to 0.25 MPa.
Spherical jet air valve, accelerating discharge.
Toolbox (in the car body).
Anti-skid ground platform.

Product name

80m3 Powder Material Semi-trailer



Curb Weight


Traction pin







Bearing capacity




China top brand










Support device


China top brand


Linkage acting

Bearing capacity



Leaf spring




Re6 relay valve ; T30/30 spring brake chamber; 40L air tanks


Voltage 24V, Receptacle 7 ways (7 wire harness), Side marker lamp LED type, Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, One set 6-core standard Cable

Tank specification

Transport medium

Powder Material

Medium density


Tank effective volume


Tank structure

Cross-sectional shape





Carbon steel plate

Tank body








4105, Diesel engine

Motor power

65kW motor (Optional)

Air compressor


Bohai, 40kW, 0.2Mpa,1000r/Min



Pipeline system

Discharge pipe

4” tube

Discharge hose

4” rubber hose;7m

Quick Connector


Intake duct

Total pipeline 2.5” ;

Branch pipeline 2”

Manhole cover


500mm manhole cover



Tank working pressure


Vertical discharge height


Horizontal discharge length


Discharging speed


Residual rate



Carbon steel;skid resistance


Steel;skid resistance




Side/rear protection(Carbon steel shee: Q235)


Steel plate

Water tank

Ordinary water tank:600L(500xφ400mm)


Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust .1coat of anticorrosive prime,2coats of final paint .Wax spray


One standard tool box.One spare tire carrier.One crank.One shaft head wrench.


Warranty manual,User's guide,Truck tools,Car purchase invoice


Customer requirements


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