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Suction sewage truck is to collect, clean up sewage sludge, transit transport, avoid new sanitation vehicles two pollution, sewage suction truck can be self-priming row, fast working speed, large capacity, convenient transportation, suitable for the collection and transportation of waste, mud, oil and other liquid substances. The vacuum pump suction sewage truck, sewage suction truck with the leading domestic technology of large suction, suction, suction, especially suitable for loading and unloading the sediment in the sewer, especially can suck sewer mud, mud, stones, bricks and other large objects.

1. suction pump sewage suction pump pressure, suction foot, ten minutes or so can be filled inside the tank.
2. suction pump vacuum pump equipped with two levels of protection, can effectively prevent filling into the suction pump.
3. vacuum pump driven by manual operation, convenient clutch.
4. the tank of the sewage suction truck has the function of self discharging. When the dirt in the tank is not discharged clean, the back cover can be opened directly and the dirt can be drained away.

5. hydraulic oil pump and vacuum pump synchronous action, reliable work.

6. exquisite appearance, easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to use.
Engine Model  Auto Time CY 4SK251
Displacement 3.856 L
Max Power 115 kW
Max Horsepower 156 Ph
Emission Standard 5
Local Emission Standard
Fuel Type Diesel
Rated Speed 2800 rpm
Gear Number 5
Chassis Argument
Chassis Type Dongfeng dorika
Chassis Model EQ1110SJ8BDC
Rear Axle Description
Spring Films 8/10+7
Tread  Front Tread: 2005 mm;Rear Tread: 1880/1880 mm
Tire Number 6个
Tyre Size 8.25 R20 14 PR,245/70R19.5
Rear Axle Speed Ratio 6.33
Basic Parameter
Driving Mode 4X2
Wheelbase 3800mm
Vehicle Dimensions 6.8×2.3×2.85m
Total Weight 11.45T
Rated Load 6.015T
Front Suspension/Rear Suspension 1.13/1.87m
With Parameters
Vehicle Announcement SCS5112GXWE5
Vehicle Type  Suction Sewage Truck
Brand CHTC Hongda
Tank Dimensions 4.2×1.5m
Tank Volume 7.8m3
Transport Medium Liquid Pollutant
 Medium Density 0.8 T/m³


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