Light trucks were shipped from Marshall vehicle dealer customers

By Vivien | 2021, 7, 3 |

Light trucks were shipped from Marshall vehicle dealer customers

On July 3, 2021, two light trucks were shipped from Marshall vehicle dealer customers.

At 10 am, the truck will enter the inspection workshop for the second time before delivery to inspect the appearance and circuit system of the truck, the truck's front headlight detection, turn signal detection, tail lamp detection, and interior dashboard line detection.


All inspections are completed at 11 o'clock in the morning,  waiting for the container to enter the factory for loading in the afternoon.

The container enters the factory at 3:30 pm. Our workshop loader puts a Marshall customer’s Changan double-row light truck and CHTC-KAMA 1037 light truck into a 40-foot container. To ensure the safety of the vehicle: install a wheel stopper on the bottom of the truck. The sides are fixed with ropes, and a spacer is placed between the two trucks to prevent vehicle collisions. Take photos and videos in the middle of the cabinet to update with customers, provide customers with convenience for supervision, and give customers 100% trust.



The loading is completed at 4:40 pm, the container is closed, the container number and photos are sent to the customer, and the delivery is complete. The freight forwarding company waiting for the container to arrive at the Qingdao port will be handed over to the customer for acceptance.